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Kitchen and dining room ideas

Here are few ideas for the kitchen and dining room decor dominated by the Scandinavian style: a simple, minimalistic and functional design. What is very distinctive in this style is also the domination of white colour that fills the space with light. Breaking it with a few pastel accessories and colourful details adds some joy and coziness.

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Scandinavian house full of sunlight

I found this amazing Swedish house on This is the kind of a dream house I always wanted to own; it brings back my childhood memories from grandparent’s house in Poland. I like the amount of sunshine that comes through the large windows and fulfils all the rooms. I love the spaciousness and cosiness at the same time. And one more thing I love the most is the garden behind the windows; this is something that cannot be replaced by any chic decorations.

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Choosing the best coffee table

Choosing the best coffee table for a leaving room can be tricky. Coffee tables serve different purposes and first you have to consider what is the purpose of a central table in such a cozy room. Do you actually drink coffee in this room? Or is it more suitable for books, magazines and a remote control? We need to think how would a coffee table blend into the room with the style and the size. Apart from the aesthetics, functionality plays an equally important role. If you need extra storage maybe it is good to consider extra shelves underneath or maybe a box that will fit all your favourite magazines. I was going through this process recently. Here are some great examples.